• Pacitan, The Heart-breaking Beach

    Pacitan is a little village 5 hours away from Semarang. The road is really bumpy but the nature is beautiful. There are a lot of palm trees and beautiful views. We arrived there on Saturday afternoon. Straight to the beach!!!! The sun was shining, the water had a nice temperature and the beach was so white! But the best thing of all…. the waves were so high!! Unbelievable! We played in the water for a few hours. After we got tired of jumping in the waves we took a rest on the beach.

    For dinner, we went to a beautiful restaurant near the beach. There was a barbeque with delicious fish and sate! In the evening we were planning to make a campfire on the beach but unfortunately it rained all night. So we changed the plan to just sit down, relax, play guitar and sing some songs.

    The next day we took the car and drove to a different beach, half hour away from the hotel. This beach was even more beautiful. But the sea was a little bit dangerous; there were a lot of rocks and some dangerous sea plants that can sting. But we could still sit down and take a ‘bath’ in the sea. Beside the sea, there was a big rock, with a nice, little cave.

    Overall we had such a nice, relaxing weekend. Definitely a place you should visit!!!!!!

    Written by: Hanneke

    A Dutch that recently becomes a native speaker in LIA Candi


    1. Wow i think that's very great experience. i just know that there is a good beach in Pacitan. From the article i know that the writers very enjoyed her holiday on there. This beach is one of the recommended beach in Indonesia. We can enjoy the magnificent scenery and many great activity to do, without have to spend a lot of money.

      Aulia Zastavia Putri
      High Intermediate 2

    2. that's true article! I think Pacitan is one of potencial beach another Bali.The writers very enjoyed her holiday on the beach. In this article has been to proved that Indonesia's beach very beautiful views.
      maria irmina d.a/ CV-1



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