• Clinging to anger is not healthy

    Many people believe if anger is not good for our health. We shouldn’t get angry to other people too long. There are many benefits if we forgive someone who makes mistakes with us. The example of the benefits are it trains us to be a patient person. It also makes our soul and mind healthy. By forgiving each other, our feeling will not be under pressure and we will feel free. On the other hand, clinging to anger has bad effects to ourselves. Example of the bad effects of keeping the anger is are we will feel tired because of our controllable emotion, it will disturb our mind and soul, it will be unpleasant for ourselves and it is not for our health.

    Forgiving others will train us to be patient because we will try to forget someone’s mistakes to us. By doing so, we will not feel angry again. Then, forgiving each other will our mind and soul healthy, because we don’t need to use our energy to do foolish and useless activity. Another benefit from forgiving someone’s mistakes is our feeling will not be under pressure and we will feel free. Just imagine if we cling to anger for more than three days, we will feel tired for being angry and get stressed. By forgiving and forgetting someone’s mistakes we will not get stressed and feel free from guilty feeling.

    On the other hand, if we cling to anger, we will get bad effects from our anger. We will feel tired because of our uncontrollable emotion. Do you know that anger needs more energy? That’s why we will feel tired if we are angry, and I believe not only the person who gets angry who feels tired, but also people around him/ her. They will feel tired to ask their friend to calm down and not get angry anymore. So, anger will make other people in difficult situation. Another bad effect of anger will disturb our mind and soul. Our soul will be tired because of anger. People who usually get angry will do foolish and useless activity. That’s why, anger is dangerous because we can’t control ourselves, we are controlled by our emotion. Then, it will be unpleasant for ourselves and not good for our health. If we stay upset, we will try to do revenge to someone who makes mistakes with us and that will make us tired and there’s no benefit from that activity. So, just forget anger, have fun in your life.

    In conclusion, forgiving each other will give us positive impacts; on the other hand, clinging to anger will give us negative impacts. Just choose which one you want, positive or negative impacts.

    Written by: Andri Arindiah
    Higher Intermediate 1/ Term 1/2010

    1. I agree with you that anger is not good for our health. But it's very difficult to be patient and forgive someone who makes big mistakes to us even he or she already says sorry to us. I think there's still benefit of anger and do revenge because it's not fair when someone do big mistake and we forgive him or her without any condition.

      Resa Septiari
      CV 4

    2. I agree with your statement that anger is not good for our health, if someone is angry too long that can emerge many disease in their body, such as hypertension, heart attack, and so on. Furthermore many people said someone who has high or bad tempered can seem older than someone who hasn't high or bad tempered, because when we are angry, there are many part of our body react, especially our face that also give an effect to our mimic. that's all from me, thanks for the attention.

      M.Fauzi Rusdiansyah
      HI 2

    3. Like poorly managed stress, anger that isn’t handled in a healthy way can be not only uncomfortable, but even damaging to one’s health and personal life. One study from the University of Washington School of Nursing studied anger problems in husbands and wives. Researchers cited previous evidence that anger problems and depressive symptoms have been linked to all major causes of death, but found that wives specifically found a greater association between anger and symptoms of depression, while men tended to instead experience an association between anger and health problems.

      Andri: Indra Aryudanto (CV 3)



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