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    I’ve been teaching more than 10 years, not to mention private classes I used to have. That’s why, I’ve been through a lot of experience in it. Some can be called a total failure when the students don’t get the target I set, but some exceed what I expected. Some variations have been added here and there, including the same material I have taught for more than five times.

    I cannot count how many times I have taught Conversation Class 2 since the book was published. As the result of my boredom (I should thank to my feeling, actually), and due to class observation by my AOO, I had to find another, a brand new (for me) activity. The lesson was about numbers and expressions of shopping. Therefore, I should find an activity that deal with shopping in a real life. I was lucky since I finally used my old game which I bought a long time ago, monopoly. I could use the fake money for students to shop.

    First thing I did was explain the things in the book: numbers, expressions for shopping including bargaining, listening and others. Later, I distributed copies of pictures things dealing with groceries: fruit, vegetables. I divided my 18 students (more or less) into five groups. Four groups gave price label for each item. The price should be adjusted to monopoly money that the lowest was Rp. 10 and the highest price was Rp. 5000. The other group (consist of 3 students) became the market observers who had to do investigation. The observers were to find the lowest and highest price from each market.

    Finally, I distributed the money to the students and asked them to shop the things they don’t sell in their stall (market). I gave each group Rp. 7000 and they had use the money to shop. One or two students had to stay in the group, serving the buyers who came to their stall. In this activity, students had to use all expressions they studied earlier. It was really fun to students who bargained very hard to get something in cheap price. They had to move around or even returned to the stall in order to compare the price. At the end I checked who got the most profit, who got the poorest or got bankrupt since they gave too cheap label for their groceries. Surprisingly, some groups not only got the highest profit but also they got their capital back. On the contrary, some other groups didn’t get either profit or capital back. I made a joke for those who was not lucky, “ Well, those who got rich, you can go home by taxi, and those who got bankrupt, you can walk home….”

    Shared by: Ms. Lala
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    1. nice technique, sometimes i also give math quiz at brainstorming session, so that the low students really understand unit of price



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