• TV: Beware of being consumerism!!!

    We all know that television is one of the finest inventions in the world. As the time goes by, TV has become very popular for us. In the past, TV used to be a luxury thing, TV doesn’t only give us entertainment , but also molds our lifestyle. It gives us bad effects. We know that there are so many educational programs on TV. However, I think that instead of giving educational value, TV gains us bad lifestyles, especially consumerism. I believe that there are some reasons why I think TV gives us consumerism.

    The first reason comes from the advertisement. The sheer volume of the advertisements on TV, unconsciously, influences our mind. We are offered a great number of products everyday. We have a tendency to buy those products. We are lured by the lifestyles offered by the advertisement. We will buy anything that actually we don’t really them. It can make us become an impulsive buyer in the future.

    The second bad effect from comes from the soap opera. As we all know that soap opera has a big portion in TV programs. In the soap, we can see actress or actresses or our idols that use lux and expensive things such as cars, accessories, etc. for some people—like a big fan, they want to do everything to be similar with their idols. They will buy everything to imitate their idols. Even, they will do surgery to ‘change’ their appearance.

    In summary, the sheer volume of the advertisement and the big portion of the soap opera on TV can mold our lifestyle become consumerism. However, we can control those bad effects when we use TV as wisely as we can, and control our lust, if we can’t, we will be trapped as an impulsive buyer in the near future.

    Written by: Iqbal Fahmi
    Senior Hugh Shcool students
    Higher Intermediate 4
    Term 1/ 2010
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    1. I think it depends on ourselves. If we have strong principle of economical thinking, we won't be tempted to buy something not our necessary. So there's nothing wrong about television program and its advertisement.

      Resa Septiari
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