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    One of big problems in Indonesia is the homeless or people who don’t have shelter. Homeless should be handled by the government. In fact, there are many ways of treating this problem. But the government has difficulty in solving this problem. Approximately 3 million people are being homeless in our country. When we go somewhere, we can see people sleep on store alley or on street, because there are many homeless people. As a senior high school student, of course, I really want to help them. But I am still a child who is still under my parents’ responsibility. So, at this time, I have some solutions, even though it’s still in my mind, to do a philanthropic activity to help them.

    First, since having a place to stay at is one of three primary needs in human living, everyone should have a house. So, I want to propose to the government to build some low cost duplexes (we call it as 'rumah susun'). If the government builds many duplexes, more and more people can be helped to stay there. The amount of homeless people in Indonesia will decrease.

    Second solution is skill sector. I want to propose to the labor department to help homeless people get skill training. I will help gather homeless people who want to get training program. I think it is not really difficult.

    After having some skills from the training program, of course, they need capital in form of money/ cash to make their own business. To gather much money, I can invite my friends who want to help them too. For example, nine friends and I collect three thousand rupiahs everyday in a month, we can get Rp 900.000,00. With the money, we can give it for their own business. So, they can survive with their own skill.

    Shortly, there are many unfortunate people around us, for instance homeless people. Although we are still in senior high school, we also can do philanthropic activity by letting them know about low cost duplex, direct them to join skill training program, and give them chance to make their own business. If we can make it real, we are already participating to help the government solve the homeless in this country.

    Written by: Yusti Riyadini
    Senior high School student
    Higher Intermediate 3, Term 4 2009
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    1. i agree with the suggestion about the eradication of homelessness for example such as the existence of duplexes, providing the skills training and business capital fundraising for the homeless, but I think all the social problems that exist in Indonesia especially the homeless must be eradicated at its roots. all problems caused by poverty and the poverty it causes a lot of kids who can not go to school then the children will become people who are uneducated and do not have the ability and will be poor. eventually they could not work and no money to buy a home. so, the government must overcome poverty and see to it that all children in Indonesia go to school so they have the knowledge and skills for future provision and no further social problems like homelessness in Indonesia.
      (ajeng sekar,intermediate3)



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