If I recall far far away

    The future is shining on everywhere

    Beneath the beautiful blue sky

    We are just a little afraid

    The window will be tinted

    A nostalgic color

    If we foresee, can we ever meet again?

    The future goes on to everywhere

    Beneath the large sign board

    I want to keep watching the era


    My heart’s a battle ground

    Hidden away

    I will open a window

    To the people and places I can’t see again

    If I recall far far away

    The future is shining on everywhere

    Beneath the large signboard

    We are slumbering forever


    It’s a good time

    For us to show what we want

    Sound of tapping from our heart

    More roar repeatedly

    Ready for yourself

    Because we will move

    The limit of time we must pass

    We are ready for facing the day

    Afternoon, brighter

    Twilight has come

    In the night I’m in counting

    Welcome the beautiful morning

    As I wait till you listen

    Every word I have to say

    Noticing how bad I am in this week

    Now you’re lying on the table

    With every word I say to you

    So let’s start over

    So stay with me, please

    From now and forever

    You’re my current obsession

    My favorite possession

    Written by:

    Hadiyan Wijaya (Ian)

    Najaruddin Muhammad (Naja)

    Mukhtar Dzaki (Zaki)

    STAR 4, Term 4/2009

    LBPPLIA Semarang Srondol


    In the dark night

    With the silver moon

    Right and cold

    There’s an old lady

    Sitting at the side of the road

    Looking sad and full of tears

    In every tear

    Likes having advice

    For our life

    When I come closer to her

    She’s saying

    Now I’m alone, I don’t know what I must do

    I regret

    My young life is useless

    I lost all my happiness

    Oh, God, I really regret

    In the morning I found her

    She died

    Written by:

    Ressa Asih Fitria

    Shinta Maharani

    STAR 4, Term 4/2009

    LBPP-LIA Semarang Srondol


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