• My Dream School

    I really want to study in my dream school. My dream school does not have to be very big, but it must have many facilities like: Gym, Dormitory, School yard, Security post, Restroom, Science laboratory, Language laboratory, Cafeteria, Library, hot spot area. The school wall color is golden coated and has many subjects like: Indonesian, English, Javanese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Germany, Chinese, Italian, France, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physic, Botany, Zoology, Social, Economic, Geography, History, Civics, Sports, Religion, Music, Art, Architecture,
    e\Each class is completed with: LCD, Air Conditioner, Television “41” Inches, CCTV, computer, Printer, Refrigerator, book shelf, cupboard 10X5 and all of students have their own notebook. All of the facilities are free and all employees are very diligent so the students will feel very comfortable.
    Now, I want to describe my dream school in details:
    In the Library: there are many collection of books: like encyclopedia, story books, comic books, magazines
    In the Gym: there are wall for climbing, golf court, tennis court, bowling court, skateboard arena, swimming pool, futsal court.
    In the Dormitory: all rooms have Refrigerator, Dispenser, Spring Bed, and private Restroom, Locker, Microwave, Blender
    In the Restroom: there are Bathtub, Shower, golden coated wall
    In the Science Laboratory: Electric Microscope, LCD, and other chemical equipment
    My School Must Have A HELIPAD For Who those Want To Land Their Helicopter. To My School
    And the Uniform: the shirt color is green and the trousers are green and the girl uniform is the shirt is pink and the skirt is purple.
    Well, that’s all about my dream school. I wish one day I could study in a school I dream about.

    Team 1
    ET 4/ Term 4 2009

    1. My dream school is simple, I want a school with clean and bright toilets :)

    2. Well, I'm afraid you will be resting there for along time :D



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