• The Human Corpse Make Up

    Having a formal job usually becomes some people’s ideal. Especially, the job is appropriate with our educational background. However, in this difficult era, people do many kinds of works to fulfill their needs. Have you ever thought that a work has a relation with a human corpse? It’s a such a scary jo, isn’t it? Did you ever hear about human corpse make up? This job is to put make up and bathe a human corpse, to keep the corpse fresh although it was a corpse.

    i’m sure many people would think many times to get this profession since it is not easy do. Human corpse make up does not only need capability to deal with a human corpse but also has to attend a short course in the hospital. As a human corpse make up, someone must have a great gut to deal with the corpse whether the corpse is in a good or bad condition. For example, a human corpse can be from a family that is an accident victim, died of terrible disease, or any other unexpected condition. It might be disgusting for other people, but for a human corpse make up, he/ she must take the responsibility and consequence.

    Nevertheless, in my point of view, this job has some advantages. First advantage is especially to the family whose family member passed away. Such as, a corpse make up can make the corpse look more decent, especially when people make a visit of condolence. Second, human corpse make up can be an alternative for people who don’t get jobs and have low educational background. What they need is information about how to treat corpse appropriately and have gut.,

    In short, human corpse make up is an extraordinary job in Indonesia. Not many people are interested to this job. That’s why, it gives a great opportunity to people to get this job since it doesn’t need a high educational background.

    written by: Ayu Putri K

    Senior High School Student

    Intermediate 4, Term 4 2009


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    3. What a scary job, but I think this job is also interesting for me. The corpse who was pale can be freshened again  by makeup. Maybe some people think if this is an unimportant job because people who already died aren't in this world again, for what we make their appearances fresh again? But for me, we make them more handsome or prettier for the last tribute. Of course as the family of the corpse, they want the best for the last time. So for me, although this job is very scary, but this job is very interesting and useful. 

      Andri Arindiah (CV 3)



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