• Building Students’ Mastery of Course Contents through Learning Journal

    Nafisa Ghanima and Bimo Samasta B., LBPP LIA Semarang-Candi

    keywords: learning journal, course contents, students' mastery

    In most of our teachings, it is common to come across a student who seems to be unaware of the objective of the lesson. However, an immediate action toward this matter is often abandoned. Tompson (2009: 17) states that “teachers need to explain what mastery will do for the students and can never fully ensure the academic success of their students if they—the students—are missing a crucial skill”. The crucial skill is the terminal objective of our teaching that surely can be achieved if the students are aware of the lesson objectives. We believe that lesson objective awareness is supposed to be a crucial matter for the students. The students’ mastery of course contents reflects an understanding toward a certain lesson as well as a parameter of teachers’ success in teaching. Through this research, we are trying to figure out the following statement of problem;“how can teachers build students' mastery of course contents?”.Therefore a learning journal is going to be proposed as one way to build the student’s mastery of course contents.

    It is understandable that in every meeting of a language teaching, students are supposed to be unconsciously utilizing their four skills all together (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Those skills should be reflected through well-managed lesson plans. A further vision toward the end of a teaching process (the terminal objectives in this case) should be the beginning of comprehensive lesson planning. Whereas, some of Intermediate 1 students in LIA viewed that the initial matter they were seeking in the class was their success in doing a test, while the oral fluency in using English would be the following. In addition, we also observe that the quality of their oral fluency needed to be improved.

    This article presents a way of how to boost students’ lesson mastery through learning journal and how it can help students understand lesson objectives. Learning journal is a small book contains a column of the number of lessons taught, lesson objectives, target vocabularies learned and a free space for students to write their thoughts. Some data were gathered quantitatively (from the students' written score) and qualitatively (from observation and after-writing-interview with the students). At the first stage of the research, we categorized two classes. Those classes were named a treatment class and another one was untreated class. The treatment class was given the learning journal while another was not. It was quite astonishing to notice that the students from the treatment class could have better marks and oral fluency after being tested through written and oral test.

    To conclude, a learning journal has played a role as a medium to build and improve students’ learning awareness. Besides, it can help teachers to assess their teaching more accurately. Facilitating students and giving them a place to communicate comfortably using learning journal can yield favorable teaching’s outcome.


    Nafisa Ghanima Shanti. Email: nafisa8008@yahoo.com She was born in October 24, 1980 and graduated from UNNES in 2004. Now she is teaching in LBPP LIA Candi Semarang. She has been teaching there for more than 2 years. She often deals with research and has joined LIA research team.

    Bimo Samasta B. He graduated from UNNES IN 1998. Now he is one of LBPP LIA teachers. He has been teaching there for 9 years. He is interested in conducting research on teachers' professional development such as sharing program on the best and worst practices and peer observation.

    For full paper, you can download it here

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