Many people think that money is everything. However, I think the statement is totally wrong. Money is important in this world but it isn’t the most important one. There are many things more important that money. Several things that I mean more important than money are friendship, love, health, beauty, sleep, and happiness.

    First thing is friendship. With money, we can get many acquaintances but there will be only few of them that can be our true friends. A true friend is a friend in need. Friends will be there for us for many conditions. Friends won’t lose and disappear; on the other hand, we can lose money. Therefore I say that friendship is more important than money.

    The Second thing is love. I think love is more important than money. Because I’m sure , with love, your world will be more colorful. Without love, we will feel lonely. If we don’t have love, we have money instead, we won’t have any spirit for life. Even you have money, don’t ever try to buy love, because it’s in vain.

    The third thing is beauty. Money can buy finery but not beauty since beauty comes from heart. Beauty is not seen from someone’s performance but from someone’s heart. The most important thing is inner beauty. From it, someone will get help when he/ she gets problems and sometimes money cannot give any help.

    The fourth thing is health. Health is very important. When we get sick sometimes money can’t help. Remember the late Mr. Soeharto. He got abundant of money, but he couldn’t survive from his disease. Money can buy medicine but not health. Medicine cannot always cure disease but sometimes only to reduce the pain. So keep yourself healthy.

    The fifth thing is sleep. Money cannot help us have sound sleep. Sleep is a natural condition for relaxing our body and mind. Just imagine if we don’t sleep for 2 days only to get money, but then maybe we cannot enjoy what we fight for—what I mean here is we will get exhausted. Money can only help us buy pills to help us sleep.

    The last but not least is happiness. Happiness can’t be measured by money. Happiness extremely depends on our mind and heart. At times, having much money does not guarantee you happiness.

    To conclude, there are more things more important than money than what I have stated above. Friendship, love, beauty health, sleep and happiness are only few things that I can state in this essay. What I want to say as my message here is never think that money is everything or even God that can make you do a lot of things.

    Written by Andri Arindiah Oktavia
    Intermediate 4, 3rd grader of Junior High School

    1. hhahaha ..
      i am with you ... !!
      sleep is the most important part in my life ..
      sleep can make us healthy, fresh our mind ...

    2. I agree with your statement "friendship is more important than money". without friend, we can't live alone. we need friend in every time. but, I disagree if love is more important than money. In my point of view, money is more important..

    3. Almost all material things here on earth can be bought with money. Many people, because of their obsession to have more money will do anything, even if they have to transfigure people into objects to acquire what they really want. That is why in our economy today, the rich become richer, and the poor become poorer. How sad it is to know that kind of reality.
      Andri: Indra Aryudanto (CV 3)



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