How do you maximize students’ competence in public speaking? We can’t deny that some students have the ability and we feel sorry if we don’t provide them a program that can give them a chance to express their competence. From the above reason, LBPP LIA Semarang Candi launched its new community called LCDC (LIA Candi Debate Community) on November 7, 2009. The class is a right place for students to sharpen their competence, their analytic skills in a form of debate in a friendly environment. The form we use here is Australasian Debate.

The first class was launched by Ms. Sari, the AOO at 1.. PM. She welcomed all the students from all levels of Conversation Class. For the beginning of the class, the class was designed for Conversation students. Later, there is a possibility to have it as a independent class or ESP (English for Special Purpose). The class will take 12 meetings once in a fortnight on weekend.

On the first season, Ms. Noris, a fulltime lecturer of Semarang State University and a part-time teacher of LBPP LIA Semarang Candi, introduced the format of Australasian Debate. She also presented the twelve-meeting-syllabus to 30 students attending the class. Some students seem sleepy listening to the format of the debate since they expected to have the debate as soon as they get into the class. Well, for those who don’t know how to conduct the debate will really get shocked that conducting a debate class is that complicated. Fortunately, with given more information about what they will do in the future—that they will have the debate—they feel satisfied. Well, anything should be done according to the format, right?

The first class ended at 2.30 PM. Before, we had a photo session together with the provided banner. Simulation of the debate was cancelled due to limited time. Don’t worry, we still have other 11 meetings for further debate class that will end next term. Keep up your good work, guys.

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