• Government’s Role in Genetic Engineering

    In these last few years scientists have made a very sensational advancement in the medical sector. It is called as Genetic Engineering—an advancement that can make parents choose the sex of their baby. Genetic Engineering also can help parents to have a baby that is free from hereditary disease. Actually, there are some reasons why I think the development of a Genetic Engineering needs government’s rules.

    First, even though a Genetic Engineering brings very salient benefits for humans, it also makes controversy. In my personal view, the research cannot be continued if there are so many protests from the people. Why? It’s all because it is said that a Genetic Engineering can widen the gap between the rich and the poor. That’s why, the government’s role is highly needed since the government has the right and power to permit the continuation of the development of Genetic Engineering. But one thing for sure is the permission can be given if the Genetic Engineering is used for some reasons.

    Second, the government needs to pay for the development cost because I think the benefit of the Genetic Engineering can also bring profit to the country. Beside that, as a sensational advancement I think it will take a very high to be done.

    To conclude, the role of the government is needed to the continuation of the development of the Genetic Engineering since only the government has the right and power to give the permission.

    Rachmat Yoga T
    Higher Intermediate 3, the 2nd grader of Senior High School

    1. I really agree with the article you wrote. Genetic engineering has many advantages but controversial, and many religious people protest it too.

    2. actually, i am not really agree with genetic engineering.
      it's OK if it is used for medical cases ,
      but if it is used to choose baby's sex , i am totally disagree with this technology ..



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