• China: Indonesia Can Beat You

    In the past, we knew that Chinese’ economy wasn’t as good as Indonesian’s. However, we can’t deny that Indonesian’s economic development is left behind compared to China. China’s economy has enhanced so fast for decades. It’s not doubt if one day china can be a leading country in the term of economy like Japan or Singapore. On the other hand, Indonesian’s economy doesn’t seem going anywhere. The enhancement runs slowly. However, I believe that one day, Indonesia can have a tremendous economic growth like China since Indonesia has several keys to reach it.

    The first key is the human resources. We know that Indonesia is one of the densest countries. I think Indonesians can be as successful as Chinese if they work hard as Chinese do. Having more than 250 million people, Indonesia has a good prospect to get its success.

    The second key is the natural resources. Indonesia is famous with its rich natural resources. Some researches even have said that Indonesia is the country that has the biggest natural resources in the world. So, there is no reason why Indonesia cannot be as great as China. If the natural resources are used properly and wisely, Indonesia will be a rich and wealthy country.

    The third key is the leader. According to the literature, Indonesia has nice leaders. The Times magazine even admitted our president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as one of the most influenced leader. Several years before, we also knoew that our ex president, Habibie, could make Indonesian’s first plane. So, I think the only thing that government has to do is handpicking the right leader, who can pose an innovation for Indonesian’s economic enhancement.

    In summary, actually Indonesia can have a great economic development since it has a big human resources, rich natural resources and great leaders and prospective great leaders in the future. What the government should do is combine the three aspects, take the good ones that we get at present, and discard the bad ones. I absolutely believe that for the next ten or twenty years, Indonesia could be a big country, as big as China or Singapore, or even bigger. Amen.

    Iqbal Fahmi
    Senior High School student
    Higher Intermediate 3 Term 4 2009

    1. I agree with your point of view. Indonesia can be as good as China in economy, politic and even in culture side. It can be a reality if we learn more about everything in China.

    2. as Indonesian youth , to make Indonesia as good as China in every sector , what have you done to make it real ??

      so , lets be a good youth .. !!

    3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!



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