• What you can do to earn money in New Year’s Eve

    The following discussion is about business that people can get extra money from in New Year’s Eve. The discussion was taken in Intermediate 4 Tuesday –Thursday class 17-19. the students were to discuss what business they want to have, the target market and the way to promote. From the 3 groups, there was only one that is worth in being presented here.

    A business that people might have in New Year’s Eve is renting boat to people who go the Marina beach. As we all know that abundance of people are eager to celebrate New Year’s Eve in different ways. They can enjoy the panorama of the beach at night while gazing at the fireworks. Each boat will be provided a guide or someone expert in driving the boat. They can rent the boat hourly with friends, family or even with their beloved one. The target market they have is people, either local people or commuters.

    The product they offer is the panorama of the beach, the fireworks scenery and the boat driver who can make the customers feel comfortable. They would put advertisement in the newspaper, the radio, the pamphlet and internet.

    Intermediate 4, T-TH 17-19. 10/15/2009

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