Teaching Clothing

It is always interesting to know people’s interest in clothing. Colors, design, and accessories can be a great topic to talk about. That’s why, LIA books provide some materials about clothing. Take as an example, ET 2 book, Intermediate 1 book, including English for Children (EC) books. What I’m going to share now is materials to teach ET 2 book about clothing and colors.

Beforehand teachers hand out the copies, they have to teach the vocabulary needed to describe the present action (present continuous tense), kinds of colors and clothes patterns. After that, if possible, teachers can introduce some clothes/ uniform people wear from different job/s or different countries. The object of the activity is students must put on the clothes on the naked baby, color and put patterns on them.

Here are some students activity after they finished putting clothes on the baby.

For the materials, you can download it paperdoll

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