“Are you ready to rock?” shouted one of the students during game held in LIA Chatterbox Competition. And suddenly the situation grew hotter and cheerer.

That was one of games played in celebrating LIA’s 50th Anniversary held in LIA Semarang Candi on August 15, 2009. Hundreds of students—all extensions, Srondol and Ngaliyan from all levels, flooded the parking lot. Some came to participate in the competition, some came to support their friends who happened to be the finalists, and some came due to the obligation given by the teachers. Well, regardless their purpose to attend the competition, all the efforts by teachers and staff seemed to get satisfaction.

Right!! Weeks before the celebration, we, teachers had once-a-week-meeting that really made us, part timers, felt like full timers, not to mention to judge the candidates. All teachers had their own way in selecting their students to be the candidates. Surprisingly, in a rash moment, we got many capable students for the competition, for all categories. Shocking, right? Well, we have to send gratitude for teachers who happily pushed their students to do audition in class. Some looked reluctant, some looked ambitious. Yet, the result of being pushed didn’t appear disappointing.

The event started at 12.45. A group of students started it by performing their competence in playing music. Yup, some students who have group band volunteered in the event. They performed in the interval of the competition.

The following is the report of the whole Lia Chatterbox Competition 2009:

TALK, the competition for children, opened the event. It never crossed in our minds that children could display such cute and awesome performance. Great confidence, support from parents, not to mention from the class teacher, seemed perfect to open the competition. Audie

nce was amazed by their story. Mostly they brought folktale into life by putting on traditional costume, make up, even realia. The legend of Baturaden was told twice by two participants. There were 7 participants altogether.

TESTIFY was the second attraction. Five performers were enthusiastic to show their stories. One word is right to see them: SENSATIONAL. The stories were varied from their camping experience to their idol. To get the attention from the jury, they had their heart to sing, to show ‘yel2’, not to mention their cheerful costume. No wonder, the audience’s attention was directed to them.

SPEAK was the next competition that made the participants thrilled, especially when the jury scrambled the topics. There was no denial that each participant had his/ her favorite topic and non favorable ones. It was luck if he/ she got the topic which he/ she knew very well. From my observation, there was a participant who appeared to master the topic—malnutrition—since she studies in public health faculty. The other participant looked desperate as soon as he got to talk to about drought. However, at the end, the two of them got the second and third place.

SAY. Well, we, teachers really looked forward to this moment. Three judges were ready to ‘fight’ for the first, second and third place. For your information, each of them has different criteria in scoring. How about the participants? Hmmm…. Even though they looked tense, they displayed their charm in presenting their ideas about My World, My Dream. One thing unique here was the participants come from different educational background. Three are college students and two of them are high school students. They talked about the same theme—My World, My Dream, but they performed it with their own style. College students showed charts, graph, animation, while the high school students showed cute pictures, typical teenagers. Mario Andre, who then happened to be the best presenter for SAY, put the audience under his spell, with his ideas, perfect pronunciation—some agree, he got native-like pronunciation, steady intonation and awesome slides. All agreed to put him to be the first place and send him to Jakarta for National Competition.

The event ended at about 4.50. The participants had looked forward to announcement, especially the parents of children who participated in TALK. When the MC called out their names, they enthusiastically moved forward to get the trophy. Meanwhile, their parents were busy taking pictures of their children. It was not too far different from TESTIFY participants’ parents. They felt thrilled when their daughter’s name was called out by the MC. In the mean time, the participants for SPEAK and SAY got closer together while waiting for the announcement. Seemed that they supported and cheered each other (the weather was quite hot at that time and they had waited for so long, about 4 hours!).

Overall, the competition went well. Unfortunately, the audience who stayed up to the end of the event was only a few. They waited for the door prize promised by the committee. Luckily, the door prize was enough for all of them, even for the teachers. LOL. All went home with satisfaction. See you in the next event.

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