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    Sharing program is a regular program held in LBPPLIA Semarang Candi. In one term, there are at least 6 time-sharing programs. The material can be taken from various materials, including sharing problems happened in classes. On Saturday, October 17, 2009, we had this sharing program with two presenters who happened to join a seminar. The seminar was held in Semarang June 6, 2009. The two presenters—Ms. Nafisa and Mr. Indra Gunawan—presented the material they got from International Seminar: Creative for Teaching English.

    As the first presenter, Ms. Nafisa presented Translating Comics: A Task-Based Strategy in ELT. The material was delivered by David Hinsa Tama Togatorop, M. Hum (a Senior Editor Disney Editorial Department Kompas-Gramedia, Jakarta) together with Issy Yuliasri, M. Pd (English Department Semarang State University.

    In the beginning of the presentation, Ms. Nafisa handed out comics strips with Indonesian texts in it. The class was divided into 3 and each of group got different sheet and was to translate the bubbles in English. After that, she distributed the comic sheet with English text. And we did one stay two stray. The activity was quite fun.

    The second presenter—Mr. Indra presented Keys to Teaching Descriptive and Report Texts Using Creative Strategies by Susannah Schoff, M. A and Sri Wuli Fitriati M.Pd. The materials include some keys for teaching. They are:

    1. Know your students and choose texts that reflect their interest
    2. Incorporated integrated skills into pre-reading activities.
    3. Extend activities beyond text comprehension and allow students to use English creatively.

    During the sharing program, the participants did some simulations from key 1 to 3. Some activities have been done before the sharing program was held. In other words, we, LIA teachers, have done those activities long before the others apply in the classroom. LIA teachers are always one step ahead. :D

    for the content of material shared, you can download them
    here or here

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