Art You Will Always Remember

We understand that many people like to look different and have fun with their friends or relatives in New Year’s Eve festival. Some people want to have crazy hair color, shocking or cool nail art and painted face. However, they want tp have it all for a New Year only. They don’t want it to be long or permanent. Therefore, our stand is here to make their dreams come true.

Our stand let people have interesting and fun experience by having fun art on their body. We have body painting, nail painting and temporary hair dye. We provide many kinds of designs, such as animals, flowers, abstract, nature, etc. People might have those designs on their body. Take an example: a man can have their face painted animal/ sun design on their chick, red highlight on their hair and colorful nails. It’s cool, right?

For the target market, our customers can be from all ages, especially those who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in fantastic way. The painting fits in couples, families, group of teenagers. It’s surely nice to see you and your friend’s face painted together. Don’t worry about the substance we use in the paint because we use safe body painting.

The charge of our service is affordable. We charge Rp. 5000 for every design, Rp. 15.000 for finger nail art and Rp.10..000 for highlighted hair. We will give special price for all service they have, that is, combo painting for only Rp. 30.000.

For advertisement, we will have an attractive banner on front of our outlet and give away flyers. We will do the promotion two weeks before New Year’s Eve Festival.

So what are you waiting for? Come to our outlet, you will definitely look fabulous with your body painting, glowing hair and fantastic nails. Get ready to rock the party!!!!!
By Andri Arindian Oktavia

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