LIA Semarang Candi Anniversary

LIA Semarang Candi Anniversary

A Communicative Activity in a Conversation Class

A Communicative Activity in a Conversation Class

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Academic Writing Placement Test


Academic Writing Placement Test

In conjunction with the agreement between LBPP LIA Semarang Candi and Faculty of Social Studies of Semarang State University of Semarang (UNNES) about Academic Writing training for the faculty members, the following post intends to give a placement test of some sort to measure the competences of Academic Writing of the program takers.
Click the button below to take test. Good luck!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Don’t make you suffer by yourself

(picture from Google)

by Fikri

Someday, someone lives in a hut in the middle of the forest named Arc. Arc likes hunting to feed himself and swim above the waterfall. But, it will not happen … again. Witch from Black Kingdom came to the forest and make it die. Now the forest is black and there is no life signal. Just Arc.
Then The Witch curses the forest and makes the people (before cursed) to be her followers. The mushroom become big and evil, and many, many evil in there. Arc who just one and only live in there, doesn’t know how to flee from the curse, and how to make it ‘life’ again. Arc thinks he will relive it with one solution: kill the witch.
Before he kills the witch, Arc hunts birds, wolves, and mushrooms that are not cursed. In one month, Arc can build a Kingdom. His followers are truants (?) (from tree that gives potion) with living sword. Arc plans that day to revenge the forest.
But the witch just intrudes the Arc kingdom. Arc and his army cannot refuse to defend his Kingdom.
“But they have many armies before us!”
“Don’t worry, we will win this battle”

Because of the support from Arc. The Treants army have spirited fight to win the battle. In a year, the battle is not over yet. The two sides, The Witch Army and Arc Army run out of the food and they all become angry and become cannibal. There are two people left after the Cannibalism Arc and The Witch.
“F*CK you ugly WITCH!”
“And then …?”
“I will kill you now!”
It’s a very intense fight between Arc and The Witch.
“I will put you to this Magic Ball!”
“But … NO!!”
And then Arc put into Magic Ball.
“At last I win!! Hahahahah …!”

The Witch feels so happy and she laughs very loudly. Time by time the laugh of The Witch makes her suffer and die.

Monday, July 11, 2016


pic source Google 

by Angel Debora

‘We don’t want you to be that kind of boy, Louis.’ Mother says. ’But why, Mom?’ Louis asks. Mother doesn’t answer. ‘You prohibit me to reach my goals but you don’t tell me the reason. That’s just so rude, Mom.’ Louis says. ‘Sadly, I’m not rude, Louis. You just don’t understand.’ Mother says. ‘Tell me then.’ Louis shouts. She looks surprised of the way he says and then she starts to cry. He regrets what he does to his mom and then leaves the room.

While Louis is walking to his bedroom, he stops in front of his parents’ bedroom’s door which is open. He enters the bedroom. He sees old newspaper on the bed. He’s curious about it. So, he reads it and he gets shocked for what he sees. He reads that “A 17-year-old boy was killed while he was throwing a Rock n Roll concert.’

‘What are you doing, Louis?’ mother asks shockingly. ‘I – I – I’m so sorry, Mom, I mustn’t yell at you.’ Louis says guiltily. ‘It’s okay, sweetheart. I mustn’t prohibit you too. You can reach your goals, I will support you, love.’ Mother says happily. ‘Really?’ he says surprisingly. ‘Definitely, yes. ’Father says happily. Many years later, Louis and his band becomes the most famous band in the world.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SISTERS’ DISPUTE (short story)


BY Sylfani Dinar Qurrota Ayun

Hi! My name is Kiko Namikaze. Just call me Kiko. My parents were divorced. I live in New York with Hana, my sister who studies in high school. We live in New York , just two of us. My father lives in Africa, as a photographer. And my mother lives in London with her new husband. I'm very busy with my job as a fashion designer. And I don’t have good relationship with my sister. 

"Why do you always protect me too much? You must remember if I ain't a baby anymore." Hana asks me.

"And if I make you confused, why don't you let me live with father or mother? Why I must live with you if you always get angry and ignore me when I ask something like this?" And Hana starts crying. 

I haven't got an idea how to explain all to Hana. Because if I tell her, she will get shocked. My parents want to give me a little brother. But when my mom gave birth, it's a baby girl. Actually, my father wants a son in order to lead his photography company one day soon. Without sense, my father got disappointed and divorced my mother. My father thought that my mother can't give birth a baby boy. So does my mother. I was 10 years old at that time and I knew what happened at that time.

With my bravery, I took little Hana to my grandparent's house. I explained everything happened to them. And my grandparent let us live in their house. My parents got divorced and they moved to another country without thinking about us. Actually they sent money every month, but it doesn't make me forgive them. Hana didn't know what happened until now.

After my grandparent passed away, I decided to move to New York. It's a place where I can find more money for Hana and me. I took Hana also. Everything went smoothly until Hana has an idea to ask me question like that.

In my birthday, my aunt calls me but Hana answers it because I am in the toilet. Our voice is quite similar, so aunty thought it's me.
"Happy birthday, Kiko!! Did Hana know what happened 10 years ago?" Aunty asks. 
"Sorry, what happened? Tell me please." Hana responds, impersonating me.. 
Unfortunately, aunty tells everything without thinking about it first. Hana starts crying. When I open the bathroom's door, I see Hana crying loudly. I ask Hana and Hana says that she is an unwanted child. I explain to Hana. Many time I explained it, but Hana didn't want to hear me.

Hana runs outside and takes her bicycle. I think that Hana wants to go to the airport. In the airport, we meet aunty. I call aunty on my way to the airport angrily. Aunty feels regretful. Unfortunately, she get heart attack. And she passed away in the airport. Knowing about what happened to aunty, Hana is shocked. And she finally Hana forgives us for not considering about our feeling and hiding the thing she should have known ten years ago. 

Day by day, my relationship with Hana is better than before. We can be good sisters again. But, my parents still do not visit us. My life is so dramatic. But I will make my problem to be my learning object. 

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