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LIA Semarang Candi, since its establishment in 1998, has become one of the biggest and the best English course institutions in Semarang. It offers a variety of effective and efficient English programs for learners from various walks of lives, ages, and proficiencies.
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  • Jalan Veteran Kav. I, Semarang, 50231.
  • +62 24 841 5044

Our Professional Skills

The following charts are our actual description of professional skills.

Teaching Techniques 90%
Friendly Environment 70%
Quality Learning 95%
Materials 80%

English for Children

English for Children (EC) adalah program kursus yang sesuai untuk anak-anak Sekolah Dasar (SD) yang berumur tujuh (7) sampai dengan dua belas (12) tahun. Program ini mengedepankan pendekatan penguasaan kosakata bahasa Inggris dengan pengajaran yang menyenangkan. Setiap program EC ditempuh dalam waktu satu tahun.

English for Teens

English for Teens (ET) adalah program kursus untuk siswa dan siswi Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP) sesuai dengan kemampuan kompetensi bahasa Inggris mereka masing-masing. Program ini mengedepankan pendekatan komunikasi lisan dan tulis yang sesuai dengan kehidupan remaja. Setiap program ET ditempuh dalam waktu tiga (3) bulan.

English for Adults

English for Adults (EA) adalah program kursus yang didesain untuk mereka berusia remaja dan dewasa. Program ini mencakup semua sisi keterampilan berbahasa yaitu Listening, Reading, Speaking dan Writing dengan metode pengajaran yang menyenangkan dan interaktif. Setiap program EA ditempuh dalam waktu tiga (3) bulan.

Conversation in English

Conversation in English (CV) adalah program kursus yang sesuai untuk mereka yang ingin memperlancar komunikasi lisa menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Program ini mengedepankan pendekatan penguasaan kosakata dan struktur bahasa Inggris dengan pengajaran yang menyenangkan dan interaktif. Setiap program CV ditempuh dalam waktu tiga (3) bulan.

TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL Preparation (TP) adalah program kursus bagi mereka yang mempersiapkan diri untuk menempuh test TOEFL guna persyaratan studi lanjut atau untuk proses promosi pekerjaan. Program ini mengedepankan penguasaan pemahamam dalam interaksi bahasa Inggris, kosakata dan tata bahasa bahasa Inggris dan pemahaman akan teks bacaan. Setiap program TP ditempuh dalam waktu tiga (3) bulan.

Academic/ Report Writing

Academic/ Report Writing (AW/RW) adalah program kursus yang untuk mengasah kempampuan menulis guna keperluan akademik atau pekerjaan. Program ini adalah program yang dapat disesuaikan (customized) dengan kebutuhan pengguna atau peserta kursus. Setiap program AW/RW ditempuh dalam waktu tiga (3) bulan.

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  • 2018 Oustanding Students' Profile

    My name is Angelica Callysta Viera. People call me Viera. I was born in Semarang, 29th July 2003. So now I'm 15 years old. I study in 21 JHS grade 9. I will have the final examination soon. I live in Gaharu street no.31.

    I never thought to be awarded as an outstanding student. So, I was shocked and very happy. Also, I will make my parents proud of me.

    I love English since elementary school. I really enjoy English lesson in mu school. I always enlarge my vocabulary by reading English story, do some English task, and also speak in English with my friends in school. But the best place to maintain my English is LIA of course.

    Hola everyone! My name is Fatih Husnaa Ersandra, y'all can call me Una or Husnaa. I'm 13 years old. Now I’m 8th grade. I was born in Semarang, December 5th 2004. I live in Gergaji 1 Street number 1C. Now, I study at Junior High School 2 Semarang. 

    I'm happy, little bit proud, but also confused when I was awarded as an outstanding student. Not only me, I guess. My parents also felt the same way like I did :D . This is the 4th times I have been awarded as an outstanding student. I'm very thankful for teachers, friends, and everyone who always support me until now. And I'm very grateful to God because I can still get this chance.

    I love English. I really enjoy English since Elementary School. I like to watch movies, read books, listen to music in English. And yes, I really love to study English in LIA. LIA is the best place ever for studying English! <3 span="">

  • My First Paragliding Activity

    Last Sunday, I took my boyfriend to accompany me paragliding at Denmark’s tiny beach. At the end of a broken road, my paragliding trainer started to help me wearing the harness, preparing the wing, and launching the parachute. I began to jump and felt the fresh wind which blew through my hair. My parachute moved as the wind blew to a certain direction. My feet felt the grass’ dry texture. I saw a clear bright blue sky on the horizon. The sea looked so blue and the smell of the sea could be smelled from such long height. I looked at some people waving at me, then I waved them back. I continued to focus on my paragliding activity. Sometimes, when I saw a traffic sign, I jumped onto it so I could fly even higher. After some minutes, I spent my time looking through the light house. I hopped when my left foot stepped on the light house’s roof. I was quite hypnotized by the landscape of the whole beach until I didn’t realize that the sky turned into purple-orange color. While enjoying myself rotating and spinning through the sky, I slowly glided my parachute down to the broken road. I carefully put my feet onto the ground, thus making my paragliding activity session ended. It was quite fun and I hope someday I could visit Denmark again.

    Written by Safila Anggraeni

    HI2/ Term2/ 2018
  • A True Friendship

    A true friendship is built on at least three factors. The first factor is respect. If we want to have true friendship, we need to respect our friends. So, they will start to be open to you. And then they will start to consider you as a good friend. The second factor is trust. We need to start trusting our friends. If you want to have a true friendship, you can start by sharing your feeling with your friends. That way, they will be comfortable with you because you think you trust them. And the last factor is honesty. We need to be honest to our friends. We can do it by sharing our secrets and to be honest to each other. That way, a true friendship will be built on respect, trust, and honesty and of course through time.

    Written by Kamilia Fitria N

    Higher Intermediate 1/ Term 4/ 2017
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast

    Breakfast cannot be skipped because it is the most important meal pf the day. Firstly, if you skip breakfast in the morning, you will be more tired than the usual students who don’t skip their breakfast. Secondly, your stomach will hurt if you suddenly stop eating breakfast for your daily eating routine. Thirdly, you are more likely to be hungrier than those who eat breakfast. In fact, if you are having activities for more than eight hours, especially students you will consume higher value of carbohydrate, fat and protein needs. You have to fulfill your nutrition needs in order to do activities effectively. In short, you will need to maintain your breakfast routine for your health.

    Written by Safila Anugrahani

    Higher Intermediate 1/ Term 4/ 2017
  • Lia English Competition 2017

    To celebrate 58th anniversary of LIA, all branches and affiliates held some competitions. The competitions were: Show and Tell for English for Children class, Story Telling for English for Teens class, and Pecha Kucha presentation for English for Adults class and Conversation Class.

    In Lia Semarang Candi, the competition was held on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Starting at 13.00, all participants from all extensions gathered in Veteran Kavling 1, Semarang. Some of them were accompanied by their parents, relatives, and friends. Not only the participants who were ready, the judges were ready in their posts. Show and Tell was held in front of Lia, the café to be, Story Telling was located in administration lobby, and Pecha Kucha competition took place in Room 302.

    Before the competition, Pak Bambang Sulistyo, as the head of affiliate, opened by giving opening speech. He motivated all the participants to do their best in the competition. The first winners of all competition categories will represent the affiliate for National competition that will be held in December 2017.

    The competition ended at about 14.00. The judges announced the winners. Happy faces met some disappointing faces after the announcement. Yet, they have another chance to join in the next competition.

    The following are the winners from each category:

    Show and Tell (EC 1-3)
    1. Katarina Aira
    2. Fakhri Azka
    3. Carissa Nuanda Dewi

    Show and Tell 4-6
    1. Faylasufa AS
    2. Annasa Awwal Afdolu
    3. Stefanus Abinawa

    Story Telling
    1. Evam Rafif Rheswara
    2. Fairuzita H. R
    3. Shinta Wahyu

    Pecha Kucha Competition
    1. Rafida Khairani
    2. Dhifa Rahma
    3. Fauzi Erlangga

    Congratulations for the winners.

    For all participants, thank you for joining. You did a great job.


    For course registration, you can contact us using the following phone numbers or going to our address. For more information or online registration, you can click the "Register Now" button and fill out the form with your personal information.


    Jalan Veteran Kav. I, Semarang, 50231



    +62 24 841 5044