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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Words of Mouth is the Best Way of Advertising

Words-of-mouth is one of many kinds of advertising a product.  it naturally happens in daily basis , with or without people realizing. Words-of-mouth itself means a person telling his satisfaction after using a certain product to other individuals without getting paid. Most people tend to have bigger trust in words-of-mouth than other official advertisement of the product itself.  They usually don't have the urge tovtry the product themselves before some of their friends give recommendation for them to use the product.  in other words, words-of-mouth has a real evidence that is more preferablytrusted than only seeing the actual advertisement on TV, brochures and many more. As a result, after hearing their friends's satisfaction,  they will give the product a try, and if they feel satisfied,  they will spread the news to more people around them. Then, it indirectly helps increase the company's income.
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Monday, November 17, 2014


How many of you know how to play domino? It’s everybody’s childhood game, I guess. It doesn’t need special skills to play this game as far as I know. What you have to do is match the dots here and there. Well, that’s the simplest way I know. There might be other more advanced ways to play domino out there. What I’d like to share here is applying domino game in class.

Actually, you can use domino to teach any levels and any language target. What I did in class was teaching preference. What I did was teaching some expressions:

I prefer ____ to ____
I like _____ better than ____
I would rather _____ than ______

Make sure you have taught the above pattern before you assign the students to play domino. Oya, there are also some target vocabulary that the students must use from the lesson. Such as: interesting, clumsy, informative, horrible, fantastic, etc.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I bet everyone is familiar with this game. UNO is a typical card game that children love so much. For further  info about UNO, you can check out the following link to know how to do it. What I’d like to share here is using this game to teach some language practice to students.

The topic I got when I applied this game was the use of comparison of as…  or is not as…….as. What I did first was teaching the pattern of the grammar. And then the students did the activity from the student book and the workbook. When I think that the students were capable enough to use as…, I assigned them to do the following:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jung Daehyun

Written by Wiem Khalifa
Higher Intermediate 2/ 2014

Most people who like K-Pop usually have their ultimate bias (favorite group member) in their favorite boy or girl band. in my case, I have fallen for Jung Daehyun, one of B. A. D's members. He has a very sharp jaw-line and plump lips. His eyes are rounded and when he smiles, his face will be fullbof wrinkles,  which for me, look very cute. Since he is the main vocalist of the group,  he has really impressive and amazing voice. He has a great power in singing especially when it comes to high-notes, The record that he has made was when he reached the nine octaves. Besides, his color of his voice is different from other singers. Pass his good looking face and singing skills, he is a boyfriend material. He can be a really caring boyfriend since he knows a lot how to treat a girl well. He has a good sense of huor and is so talkative. He is also a well-mannered person. I also love his fashion sense. He can dress wellin casual way and match his image. He also like cooking and playing with children. So, I see his a good father already. If I could, I would marry him :D

Lost in Time

Written by Gandhi Anindito

In the 946 AD, there was a brave and honorable knight named Hendrik. He was fairly young for his title and social standing. He enlisted himself in military at the age of 18. He's almost 30 years old now. He had never failed his duty as a knight, and he's also well-known in the kingdom.

One day, there was a rumor in the kingdom that a sect of cults had appeared within the kingdom. They always said that cultists were magicians but so far it had not been prevented to be true. This particular sect had been proven to kidnap some of the villagers and used them as a sacrifice. Hendrik and some of his men were assigned to eliminate or capture this cult. Previous attempts to apprehend this sect was made but to no avail. Some of them end up missing or dead.