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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


by Amel Nuha
ET 12/ Term 4/ 2015

 Olive knows what happened. She runs quickly. She calls Jack loudly.
"I want to tell you something, Jack." She says.
"What is it?" Jack replies with a curious look.
 Jack is really confused. And he is also curious. She needs his help. No one can help her. He is the only one who can help and understand her.
    "I can help you !" Jack says. He is really excited about what Olive just says. "Thanks, Jack. I know I can count on you." She replies. He is happy to hear that.
   The next day, They prepare everything. They go to the crime scene. They search for clues. And they find a clue. But he still can't believe what happened.
  They ask the witness of the accident. He is the guy that works with Olive's father. "Your father was a nice person, but he changed. He killed my friend." The guy says.
 "What ?! Why did he do that ?" Olive asks.
"Because he hated my friend." The guy replies.
  "Well, Thank you for the information, sir." Olive says with disappointment.
 "No problem, at all.." The guy replies. Jack is really confused and curious. Olive believes the guy and she can't believe her father. "Do you believe him ?" Jack asks Olive.
 "Of course ! My father broke my heart." Olive replies.
 "I don't think you should believe him. We should ask your father." Jack says.
  "No way ! I don't want to visit him in the police office." Olive refuses to visit her father.
 "We have to know the truth. I think your father is innocent." Jack says.
 "Fine. But I won't be asking him." Olive says.
 "Okay, I'll ask him." Jack says.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

(Short Story) Life Moves in a Myterious Way

Written by; Farida Saraswati
ET 2/ Term 4/ 2015

They don't believe in 'happy ending'

"Your mother has gone away. Your father looks at you like you are kind of virus. You know, everyone you thought forever is leaving. One by one, exodus," -Him

"It feels like I'm alone. Like I'm the only one who depends on them. And like nobody depends on me. Like everybody is only comes to leave," -Her
But something called 'faith' makes them at least know that there is a 'happy ending'

Smile. Happy. Joyful. Comfortable.
They thought it was the end, but what called reality beat them.

"He said he gonna marry his affair," -?

"Mum?" -?

Very hard.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CSR Program: Book Donation 2015

In this end of year 2015, we finally did our second CSR program, that is, Book Donation for Sahabat Tenggang Community. For almost 6 months, teachers and staff promoted this program to students to donate their second-hand books. All teachers urged the students in class to donate books, any books, as long as it’s not text books from school. Comics, magazines, novels were welcome to be donated. Unfortunately, some students donated their text books without teachers’ notice. In this case, these books were put aside especially those text books with some notes inside. 

On the Day day, December 23, 2015, some teachers went to Sahabat Tenggang Community located Kaligawe Dusun Tenggang, RT 05 RW 07, Kelurahan Tambak Rejo, Kecamatan Gayamsari, Semarang. Mr. Sudiasto, the leader of the Community welcomed us. A week before, we already gave notification that we would visit the place. That’s why, some volunteers of the community were present there, too, welcoming us. 

Mr. Sudiasto told us that the community accommodated about 80 children from their neighborhood. It started around 3 years ago from a small place in one the neighborhood. For some reasons, the place was relocated to Mr. Sudiasto’s house up to present.  Monday and Friday are days for the activity for teaching and learning for the children. On those days, some volunteers accompany them, teaching them some subjects or help them do homework. There are about 30 active volunteers for the time being coming from various universities in Semarang. Besides giving them education, those volunteers also have some outdoor activities such as visiting mangrove forest, doing reforestation towards the environment around them, etc. Furthermore, they also proposed some companies to support their activities including Central Java local government. 
Overall, we were happy to get a chance to visit this community, meeting some benevolent people, enthusiastic college students who show their concern towards people who need them. We learned a lot from them. We wish we could do more that donating some books, some day. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Review: Girl Meets Boy

Written by Winna Effendi
Reviewed by: Kausarina Apridita
Level: ET 10/ Term 4/ 2015 

Can you imagine what would happen if you enter a new world? At the time Ava left her sister named Rae, actually she was accepted in a favorite school named Alisstare. The first day in the school she meets a mysterious boy. His name is Fido. He is so quite. Some other times, she meets another boy. This one is so famous in the school. His name is Kai. He is the son of the owner of the school, and he is very handsome. So many girls are attracted to him. One day, Ava gets insomnia. She comes out of the room and listens to music somewhere. She really loves the music. So, she listens to it secretly. Do you want to know what happens next in the story? You can read it in this novel.

I think, the book is page-turning and has a  lot of romance and music scenes. For you who likes music and romance book, this novel is highly recommended. I recommend this novel to teenagers who about 13-18 years old, because the story is like something we can find in our everyday life.

Meteor Shower

Matt and Velice are having a conversation in the class.
“How long didi it happen?”Velice asked Matt.
“It was just a while, I think” he answered.
“Aaahhh… that’s a waste. I should have watched it, too,” sighed Velice.
Suddenly, Rina showed up.
“Here! Here comes Rina!” Velice said.
Rina joined them and seconds after that Matt told the crowd about his experience watching Meteor Shower. “Did you watch meteor shower last night, Rin?” asked Maat.
She didn’t answer, then Matt continued.
“I watched it, you know, with my new telescope on the balcony at 9.00 PM in Jakarta. Can’t you believe it that astronomers in Hawaii did this, too at the same time! Isn’t it cool?”
“Fantastic!” exclaimed Velice, full of admiration.
Then Matt and Velice  continued their conversation, while Rina was observing Matt’s story.
“Wait….” Rina interrupted. Both Matt and Velice looked at her with questioning glance. “When did meteor shower happen in Hawaii?”
Matt rolled his eyes. “I told you. It happened at 9.00 PM! What’s wrong with you?”
“And you said that you watched it in Jakarta at 9.00 PM, too?”
“Aw, seriously, Rina,’ sighed Matt. “Yes,”
“Do you know that Jakarta’s local time is 5 hours ahead of Hawaii’s local time?” Rina asked Matt sarcastically. “So, it’s impossible if you watched  it the same time in Hawaii!”
Matt was speechless. 

Written by: Farida Saraswati
Fiki Itsna Amalia
ET12/ Term 4/ 2015