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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SISTERS’ DISPUTE (short story)

BY Sylfani Dinar Qurrota Ayun

Hi! My name is Kiko Namikaze. Just call me Kiko. My parents were divorced. I live in New York with Hana, my sister who studies in high school. We live in New York , just two of us. My father lives in Africa, as a photographer. And my mother lives in London with her new husband. I'm very busy with my job as a fashion designer. And I don’t have good relationship with my sister. 

"Why do you always protect me too much? You must remember if I ain't a baby anymore." Hana asks me.

"And if I make you confused, why don't you let me live with father or mother? Why I must live with you if you always get angry and ignore me when I ask something like this?" And Hana starts crying. 

I haven't got an idea how to explain all to Hana. Because if I tell her, she will get shocked. My parents want to give me a little brother. But when my mom gave birth, it's a baby girl. Actually, my father wants a son in order to lead his photography company one day soon. Without sense, my father got disappointed and divorced my mother. My father thought that my mother can't give birth a baby boy. So does my mother. I was 10 years old at that time and I knew what happened at that time.

With my bravery, I took little Hana to my grandparent's house. I explained everything happened to them. And my grandparent let us live in their house. My parents got divorced and they moved to another country without thinking about us. Actually they sent money every month, but it doesn't make me forgive them. Hana didn't know what happened until now.

After my grandparent passed away, I decided to move to New York. It's a place where I can find more money for Hana and me. I took Hana also. Everything went smoothly until Hana has an idea to ask me question like that.

In my birthday, my aunt calls me but Hana answers it because I am in the toilet. Our voice is quite similar, so aunty thought it's me.
"Happy birthday, Kiko!! Did Hana know what happened 10 years ago?" Aunty asks. 
"Sorry, what happened? Tell me please." Hana responds, impersonating me.. 
Unfortunately, aunty tells everything without thinking about it first. Hana starts crying. When I open the bathroom's door, I see Hana crying loudly. I ask Hana and Hana says that she is an unwanted child. I explain to Hana. Many time I explained it, but Hana didn't want to hear me.

Hana runs outside and takes her bicycle. I think that Hana wants to go to the airport. In the airport, we meet aunty. I call aunty on my way to the airport angrily. Aunty feels regretful. Unfortunately, she get heart attack. And she passed away in the airport. Knowing about what happened to aunty, Hana is shocked. And she finally Hana forgives us for not considering about our feeling and hiding the thing she should have known ten years ago. 

Day by day, my relationship with Hana is better than before. We can be good sisters again. But, my parents still do not visit us. My life is so dramatic. But I will make my problem to be my learning object. 
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Teaching months of the year to EC classes

The topic of teaching calendar or months of the year to EC classes is not that difficult. However, the problem is to provide various activities to the students that won’t make them bored, and more importantly, make them sit still :D . the book itself has provided various activities, including reading about what people from different countries celebrate their independence day, or have their holidays. Since the topic of months related to people from countries is relatively new to students, so I don’t really expose them with it. I drilled whatever provided by the book. Instead, I gave them more local topics related to celebrations such as Kartini Day, Indonesia Independence Day, Hero Day, Education Day, etc. Another problem came up was to review the months of the year. Therefore, I tried to browse searching for available printed copy. And look what I’ve got. Thanks to Google and people who uploaded them :D

You can copy the activities below, and use them according to what you need. You can use them for eliciting, checking their spelling, or skills practice, or you can soar the activities.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Beautiful Sunset in Bali

Picture from Google

Written by M. Rifky Fajriansyah 
HI3/ Term 2/ 2016 

Enjoying sunset on a beach is one of the most beautiful things you can do. It was in Bali in 2012. I had a vacation with my family. We stayed there for about 5 days. On the first day, we just arrived there so we didn’t walk around much. We were at the hotel, preparing for vacation tomorrow. We went to Tanjung Benoa island on the next day. It was a full day playing time. On the evening, we sat down on the sand of Kuta beach. We enjoyed sunset at that time. At night, we walked around along the seaside, the wind was so strong and we liked the situation of the beach. On the third day, we went to Uluwatu enjoying Kecak dance and after that we went to Goa (actually I forgot the name). It is a place used by people for worshipping. Then we came to the hotel and we enjoyed sunset again. The last day before checking out the hotel, we went to the shopping center like Joger then we had meal at a restaurant that was very famous and on the evening we were enjoying sunset for the last time. The next morning, we had to be at the airport. I think, it is always amazing to see sunset in Bali.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Meteor Shower? (A brain teaser story)

Written by Rida and Itsna (ET 12 - Term 4/2015)

Matt and Velice were having a conversation in the class.
"How long did it happen? " Velice asked Matt.
"It is just a while, i think," he answered.
"Aaahhh... that's a waste! I should have watched it, too," sighed Velice.
Suddenly, Rina showed up.
"Here, hey, Rina! Come here, just join us," Velice asked her to join.
Rina joined them, and seconds after that, Matt continued to tell them about what he was telling them, the Meteor Shower.
"Did you watch the meteor shower last night? "
Rina had not answered yet, but Matt interrupted her.
"I watched it, you know, with my new telescope on the balcony at 9.00 PM in Jakarta, the same time as the astronomers did in Hawaii. Isn't that cool?"
"Fantastic! " exclaimed Velice, full of admiration.
Matt and Velice went on and on with meteor shower thing, while Rina observed Matt's story.
"Wait!" Both Matt and Velice looked at Rina with a questioning glance. "When did Meteor shower happen in Hawaii?"
Matt rolled his eyes, "I told you, it happened at 9.00 PM".
"And you said that you watched it in Jakarta at 9.00 PM, too?"
"Awww.... seriously, Rina," sighed Matt. "Yes!"
Rina held her chin high towards Matt, and said, "Do you know that Jakarta's local time is 5 hours ahead off Hawaii's local time?"
Rina continued talking sarcastically, "So, it's impossible if you watched it in the same time in Hawaii"
Matt was speechless....

Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Review: Bumi by Tere Lye

Reviewed by Adinda Delia (ET 10- Term 4/ 2015)

Can you imagine if this world had 4 clans? Matahari vlan, Bumi vlan, Bintang clan, and Bintang clan. And can you imagine, too, if you could disappear only by covering your face with your hand? Would you think this is awesome? Or even scary?

Raib is a normal 15-year-old-girl. She has a funny dad, a kind-hearted mother, and also 2 cats. She is only a usual 10th grader with not too many friends. But she has a secret that she had been keeping since she was a little. She has an ability to disappear only by covering her face with both of her hands. One day, she gets lost in a place that she is unfamiliar with together with her friends, Seli and Ali. Want to know about her adventure in that place? Find out on Bumi by Tere Liye.

This book is really page turning and has a lot of fantasy. For you who like adventurous books, this novel is highly recommended. I think this book has similar genre as Narnia and Harry Potter. So, if you are into that kind of genre, you have to read this.