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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is our annually program. Every year, we do this program in different kinds of programs. In this year, LIA Pusat assigned all LIA branches and affiliates to conduct the CSR program in a form of teaching certain schools. What do we teach? English, for sure. The different thing of this CSR program is the ones who have to teach are students. Some students were offered to do this voluntary teaching. Before the D-day, they did some rehearsals from the materials given.

It was Monday, September 29, 2015. Ms. Santi, Mr. Bimo, Ms. Lala and Mr. Bambang were ready to head for the destination, Pondok Pesantren Al-Burhan located in Gedawang, Banyumanik. When they got there, it was quite quiet since some students just got their some days off due to Idul Adha. Therefore, some of them were not back from their hometown.

But, the show must go on. It was about 14.00, the T-time to start the teaching process. Waiting is not everyone’s favorite, by the way. So, while waiting, we took some pictures of the students, the teachers, the voluntary teachers, the Pondok pesantren staff and of course, the school building where they study. After taking the pictures, finally it was time to start the teaching.

There were two classes with two voluntary teachers in each class. Noval and Pascal taught Class A, while Risya Amanda Cahyani and Duanda Gumilar were in charge of another class. They started from introducing themselves and then asked the students to introduce their names. As soon as the introduction finished, they started teaching. The materials were provided by LIA Pusat: Greeting, introduction, place of origin, etc. They did drilling, filling in some blanks, matching, etc. The students looked enthusiastic, some of them even were better than expected.

2 hours passed in thrilling moments. For the students, according to Mr. Supriyono S.Ag, the headmaster, it was their first time to get guest teachers who teach English, and from the voluntary teachers, it was their first time, too, to teach in formal school. So, for both of them, this CSR program really gave them a great experience. So, there is a great chance to do another CSR program in a form of teaching.
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Post Cards, Anyone?

By Ms/ Lala
Living in this era is probably lured by any instant things. Just name any things in our life now: Messaging, shopping books, any kinds of entertainment, all in instant access. People who used to live in 80s or 90s might miss some things like sending message to relatives or friends in handwriting form or just wait for postman to drop by. Shopping can be done in instant way, too. Just sit relax on your desk while browsing internet. Just the things you want to buy, click buy and pay, and the next day, your shopping is sent to you. Books. Remember bringing a lot of books to school or campus, with thick dictionary that would make your back hurt.

From the idea, I try to persuade my students to literally send post cards to their friends. I took one unit from ET 6 book, Star 2, about things in post office. Guess what? Many of them don’t have any experience to go to post office. Well, I can’t blame them if they don’t have anything to do there, why should they go there? But, as a teacher, I think this is a good way to introduce the way their parents and their grandparents send message in the past. Knowing the vocabulary in the post office is not enough if they don’t experience how to do it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tidal Flood Attack

Water is vital to life. No animal or plant life and human can survive without it. The land will not yield without supply of adequate water. yet, the same water causes havoc and becomes a terror in the form of flood when the rivers overflow their banks due to excessive rain. In Jakarta, flood is something common that happen every year in all parts of the city. During rainy season, the rivers overflow and cause disastrous disaster which cause heavy destruction to life and property. The flood can also make it hard and impossible for everyone to do their activities,, for example: go to school or go to work. This is a very serious situation that needs to be overcome immediately.

My Idol: Kim Myung Soo

Well, since I was a 9th grader, I started to like one of Korean boy groups. It is INFINITE. INFINITE consists of 7 people. I like one of the members. His name is L. Well, his stage nam is L, but his real name is Kim Myung Soo. When I found out his stage name, I was thinking that he is having same name like one of anime characters from Death Note.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Report of A Vintage Tour Challenge of Kotalama

It was Sunday,June 7, D-day of our fieldtrip. It has been a loooongg time since we held the first fieldtrip to Singapore. Well, there were some small fieldtrips held for some ET 6 students, though , but that was a long time ago :D. So, after so long time having no such fun activities with students, we decided to have this vintage fieldtrip together with some students from our extension, LIA Banyumanik. We did something like amazing race by going around Kotalama and did some fun activities. 

 Students' activity in Polder Tawang