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Monday, March 28, 2016

Meteor Shower? (A brain teaser story)

Written by Rida and Itsna (ET 12 - Term 4/2015)

Matt and Velice were having a conversation in the class.
"How long did it happen? " Velice asked Matt.
"It is just a while, i think," he answered.
"Aaahhh... that's a waste! I should have watched it, too," sighed Velice.
Suddenly, Rina showed up.
"Here, hey, Rina! Come here, just join us," Velice asked her to join.
Rina joined them, and seconds after that, Matt continued to tell them about what he was telling them, the Meteor Shower.
"Did you watch the meteor shower last night? "
Rina had not answered yet, but Matt interrupted her.
"I watched it, you know, with my new telescope on the balcony at 9.00 PM in Jakarta, the same time as the astronomers did in Hawaii. Isn't that cool?"
"Fantastic! " exclaimed Velice, full of admiration.
Matt and Velice went on and on with meteor shower thing, while Rina observed Matt's story.
"Wait!" Both Matt and Velice looked at Rina with a questioning glance. "When did Meteor shower happen in Hawaii?"
Matt rolled his eyes, "I told you, it happened at 9.00 PM".
"And you said that you watched it in Jakarta at 9.00 PM, too?"
"Awww.... seriously, Rina," sighed Matt. "Yes!"
Rina held her chin high towards Matt, and said, "Do you know that Jakarta's local time is 5 hours ahead off Hawaii's local time?"
Rina continued talking sarcastically, "So, it's impossible if you watched it in the same time in Hawaii"
Matt was speechless....
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Review: Bumi by Tere Lye

Reviewed by Adinda Delia (ET 10- Term 4/ 2015)

Can you imagine if this world had 4 clans? Matahari vlan, Bumi vlan, Bintang clan, and Bintang clan. And can you imagine, too, if you could disappear only by covering your face with your hand? Would you think this is awesome? Or even scary?

Raib is a normal 15-year-old-girl. She has a funny dad, a kind-hearted mother, and also 2 cats. She is only a usual 10th grader with not too many friends. But she has a secret that she had been keeping since she was a little. She has an ability to disappear only by covering her face with both of her hands. One day, she gets lost in a place that she is unfamiliar with together with her friends, Seli and Ali. Want to know about her adventure in that place? Find out on Bumi by Tere Liye.

This book is really page turning and has a lot of fantasy. For you who like adventurous books, this novel is highly recommended. I think this book has similar genre as Narnia and Harry Potter. So, if you are into that kind of genre, you have to read this.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Smart Teen Competition "Battle of Wits" 2016

Smart Teen Competition "Battle of Wits" is back! This annual competition is held in term 1 of LIA academic schedule. This competition is to measure how well the contestants understand what they have learned in class and their knowledge about the world.
In this contest, the participants have to answer questions surrounding the learning materials in LIA, like vocabulary, grammar, and other language components, and also general knowledge.
This competition is among LIA Semarang Candi and Banyumanik students taking English for Teens (ET) programs. They are divided into two categories, namely category I for ET 1 to ET 6 students and category II for ET 7 to ET 12 students.
The contest this year (2016) will start on February 29. The first stages will be held in classrooms. The final stage will be held on March 19, 2016.

The following is the video ad for the competition.

See you there guys!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


by Amel Nuha
ET 12/ Term 4/ 2015

 Olive knows what happened. She runs quickly. She calls Jack loudly.
"I want to tell you something, Jack." She says.
"What is it?" Jack replies with a curious look.
 Jack is really confused. And he is also curious. She needs his help. No one can help her. He is the only one who can help and understand her.
    "I can help you !" Jack says. He is really excited about what Olive just says. "Thanks, Jack. I know I can count on you." She replies. He is happy to hear that.
   The next day, They prepare everything. They go to the crime scene. They search for clues. And they find a clue. But he still can't believe what happened.
  They ask the witness of the accident. He is the guy that works with Olive's father. "Your father was a nice person, but he changed. He killed my friend." The guy says.
 "What ?! Why did he do that ?" Olive asks.
"Because he hated my friend." The guy replies.
  "Well, Thank you for the information, sir." Olive says with disappointment.
 "No problem, at all.." The guy replies. Jack is really confused and curious. Olive believes the guy and she can't believe her father. "Do you believe him ?" Jack asks Olive.
 "Of course ! My father broke my heart." Olive replies.
 "I don't think you should believe him. We should ask your father." Jack says.
  "No way ! I don't want to visit him in the police office." Olive refuses to visit her father.
 "We have to know the truth. I think your father is innocent." Jack says.
 "Fine. But I won't be asking him." Olive says.
 "Okay, I'll ask him." Jack says.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

(Short Story) Life Moves in a Myterious Way

Written by; Farida Saraswati
ET 2/ Term 4/ 2015

They don't believe in 'happy ending'

"Your mother has gone away. Your father looks at you like you are kind of virus. You know, everyone you thought forever is leaving. One by one, exodus," -Him

"It feels like I'm alone. Like I'm the only one who depends on them. And like nobody depends on me. Like everybody is only comes to leave," -Her
But something called 'faith' makes them at least know that there is a 'happy ending'

Smile. Happy. Joyful. Comfortable.
They thought it was the end, but what called reality beat them.

"He said he gonna marry his affair," -?

"Mum?" -?

Very hard.


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