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Friday, March 7, 2014

Samples of Writing (from Word Search)


Rafida is 11 years old. She was born in Semarang. Her idol is Super Junior. Rafida wanted to watch her idol concert. But Rafida’s parents’ prohibits to come to the concert. Rafida known my favorite music, Roar, by Katy Perrry. Ni ask her to sing it but she cannot.memorize the lyric. Aarrgh… so hard to ask her sing it!!

Rafida hs never watched “The Lego Movie”. Same like me. Rafida has never read “Famous Five” book. But it’s the best I’ve ever read. Rafida doesn’t like detective book because she don’t understand the plot. She likes romance books, horror books, and K=Pop books. Oh, my God.
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Teaching EC sometimes makes teachers lack of ideas of what to do next. Writing for them is not easy to conduct. It can be done seriously, with right pattern, only for higher levels, such as EC 5 or EC 6. in this technique, I will tell you ideas on how to weite a short passage with some steps. It took me two meetings to finish all of them.

First, make sure that you have taught Present Perfect tense or any other lesson target. The pattern I taught was “Have you……..?”. I made groups of Verb 3 in jumbled Word Search. It would be easier if you go to Just write down any verbs that you have introduced to class. Ask the students to search words hidden.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Visit to Orphanage Al - Rifdah

 Written by: Ms. Nina Septina

Saturday morning December 8, 2013, the teachers and staff were busy packing donations that have been collected since the previous two weeks. Assistance in the form of goods and cash that has accumulated over the participation of a large family of LIA Semarang Candi Semarang consisting of students, parents, teachers and staff. The total of donations amounted Rp.16.153.300. It would be distributed to orphanages Al - Rifdah Multiple Disabilities, Semarang. The Orphanage was founded in 2006 is an orphanage that housed orphans with special needs multiple disabilities, the physically and mentally. Most of them suffered total paralysis, unable to hear and speak or walk, and some of them also suffer from autism and Down syndrome. Currently there are about 24 children who live at the orphanage .

My first time being an ASOV dancer

     It happened for about a week ago when I took part of ASOV modern dance. I joined ASOV for basketball competition or also known as DBL.

     At the first time, I tried to enroll myself in Bulan Bahasa dance competition at school. When the occasion came in, my group was pretty fabulous. So, our trainer offered us to join ASOV as a dance match. Well, we were in a quandary whether we dealed it. Because ASOV came from many towns such as Bandung, Salatiga, Demak, etc. At last, we accepted the offer. Day went by, we improved our abilities and dance style. We chose a hip-hop dance. We practiced everyday without rest. Because we had only about 4 to 5 days left until the opening show. We worked harder and harder and we kept improve our moves. In other side, we were very confused for choosing the costumes. However,  our basket team would play for some rounds and so would the dancers. Time flew by so quickly, we were getting closer to the event. My classmate and I were the two oldest members, so, we had more full obligity. We were looking for the costumes and even we borrowed from other friends.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Teaching Tic Tac Toe with pictures

Written by Ms. Lala

It’s been a while I teach using Tic Tac Toe game in my class. But it never crossed my mind that I could use pictures to make the game more fun. For all this time, I only used traditional way of tic tac toe to make students memorize certain verbs or vocabulary. 

What you need to do first is make sure what language point you want to focus on. In this posting, I’d like to share what I did in my class. The focus was expressions of asking and giving opinions about kinds of dances.